No matter who you are, you want someone to understand you. No, you need someone to understand you, so you can feel like you make sense to the world. There are people that will still claim to enjoy being misunderstood, that they thrive from being a mystery. But they will always be looking for that one person who can break through that glass and just ‘get’ them.

I think we all care what other people think, we put too much importance on it, but we definitely care. We want to make sense to someone, but how can you make sense to someone if you don’t even make sense to yourself? They say you can appreciate poetry even if you don’t understand it, but I am not poetry. I am not a piece of art or a book. It’s different with human beings – if people don’t get you, they don’t like you. It’s just natural, we shun what we don’t understand. I think that’s why I don’t like myself, because I literally do not understand myself.

I have been in love with someone and not understood them, which was part of the initial interest. I’m not sure he got me either, and maybe that’s why we burnt out. Because exactly like life, if we cannot figure something out even after trying so desperately, we give up. But I really want someone that won’t give up. I want someone to understand me. I need to be able to talk to someone and they just understand. I am not alone in this wish, but I am alone. I will probably spend the rest of my life searching for that person, so I can make sense to the world, so I can make sense to me.


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