Seriously, look at what you’re doing

So, this is about to sound incredibly 6th-grade right now – prepare yourselves. Why are people so mean? Of course I’m speaking of what I know, not serial killers and terrorists. There are people out there that actually choose to hurt people, whether it be emotionally or physically. I know we’ve all asked this, but why? And sure, many therapists and psychologists would be able to give me many different answers to this. But on a very human level, I find this hard to comprehend. I’ve previously stated that I’m not a great person, and I will admit that there have been times where I have been selfish, rude and simply mean. But not once have I done this without being riddled with guilt and made an attempt to apologize. Like many others, I am just so exorbitantly sick of people that think it’s fine to ridicule, humiliate, insult, exploit, and simply hurt someone. It’s really fucking not okay.

Honesty is good. I know it’s not always what we wanna hear, but in most cases, it’s what we need. If someone tells you they love you, and you do not feel the same way, don’t lie. Now this may hurt their feelings, but it’s different, you are not intending to hurt them – just be nice about it.

If you’re hurting somebody you love just to feel control, just to see how far you can go, or for no fucking reason at all. Stop. Look at what you’re doing. You’ve decided to waste your mental abilities on seeing how bad you can make someone feel? Life may be the longest thing we do, but it’s still too damn short to not be showing how much you love them.

Yes – we all say things in the moment and it can actually feel good to put someone in their place or embarrass them, particularly if it’s a case of revenge. But what’s the point? That doesn’t make you the better person, and sure you’ll feel satisfied for a bit but it’s not worth it. If you could just ignore that I’m sounding a lot like a teacher or your mother, then you know it’s true.

There are a lot of things and ways of hurting people that I haven’t covered and again, I know. I know that I sound ridiculously patronizing, and this won’t even apply to a lot of people. I’m also aware that a couple of paragraphs of my anger towards this topic isn’t going to change anything, let alone people’s attitudes. But if people could just, think? Like honestly think about the way you treat other people and it may even affect your whole life. Maybe we’re capable of a tiny change? Maybe?


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